If Ignoance Is Bliss…

3 May

I find myself asking this question quite regularly lately. If ignorance is bliss, why are there so many unhappy people on the internet? I don’t know if it’s just me. Maybe I just attract people with a certain mentality. On the one hand they seem very unhappy. I’m not talking about small dissatisfactions with life, these are people with what you might call major pathological issues. They hate big government intruding into their lives. They hate paying taxes. They hate communists and socialists. They hate people who disagree with them about just about anything. They hate women. They hate blacks, browns, natives, aboriginals, Asians, Hispanics, Latinos, Africans, Arabs, whoever has a different skin color or ethnicity from them. They hate non-Christians, but some of them hate Catholics – which makes no sense to me – or Christians who interpret the Bible differently, with a more Christ-like tolerance for others. I didn’t mean to get into religion here and now, but it’s one of those things that seems to just breed conflict. My point being that there is all this unhappiness. Then on the other hand there is all this ignorance. I mean let’s face it, a lot of people can’t tell their ass from their elbow. They can’t string words together to form sentences, let alone present a cogent argument expressing their point of view on a subject. Oh, they can parrot what Glenn Beck said, or what Bill O’Reilly or some other guy on FOX News told them. Maybe they can repeat Alex Jones’ latest rant or David Icke’s latest theory or Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s last TV episode. The sad truth is they can’t perform the critical thinking action necessary to put an idea into their own words. Some of them maybe able to sense that they lack this ability, especially when they get into a confrontation with someone who can actually verbalize their own thoughts. Unfortunately, this usually feeds their anger & they already have anger management problems to begin with. Heck, I have anger management problems and I’m highly verbal. But, this isn’t about me, it really isn’t even about them. This is about the adage “Ignorance is Bliss”. I suppose it might have been true when it was coined. It’s akin to “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”. Both phrases imply that if you are insulated from knowledge you’ll be the happier for it. It’s a message similar to the one in the creation story of Adam & Eve being forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge. The consequence of gaining knowledge was to be cast out of the Garden of Eden, to forfeit paradise. Who could gain an advantage by convincing us that knowledge leads to suffering, except those who already possess knowledge and use it to control us? That’s why I’m telling you that ignorance is not bliss, that what you don’t know can hurt you and that paradise is ours for the making. Knowledge won’t take it from you, rather it will provide the blueprint for you to build it for yourself. Knowledge alone isn’t enough, you must exercise critical thinking. Let your skepticism guide you and your common sense will provide the sign-posts. Remember that other adage “Knowledge is power” and never stop striving to learn all that you can.



23 Jan


My Point of View

7 Jun

I’ll be the first to admit, my point of view may be skewed.  We all carry our own prejudices.  It may be unfortunate, but it is true.  And truth is what I’m most interested in.  That’s not to say that I don’t speculate about what I may hold as truth, that some others may not.  Demagoguery is not what I’m about, but one can certainly fall into that trap easily enough.  The typical human brain is swirling with sensations & emotions that we’re barely, if at all, conscious of.  While we like to believe that we are logically choosing our path, it turns out that most of our logic is applied after the fact in the form of self-justification, & rationalization.  Our consciousness is just a narrative, just the story of our existence as we live our way through space-time.  I haven’t spent much time here, in this blogosphere, since I opened this account months ago.  That’s mostly because I don’t have internet access at home right now.  I can only get on the web at the library – where you’re limited to 15 minutes at a time – or while visiting a friend (where it seems rude to be on-line too much).  I’ll just have to find a way to write on my home computer & then upload it to this platform.  So far I haven’t been able to figure it out.  Give me a break, I’m a boomer, & consider myself electronically advanced by virtue of the fact that every digital appliance in my possession isn’t blinking out 12:00.  Some days are better than others.  At least the “Mad-Cow” hasn’t wiped me out completely.

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21 Sep

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